March 17, 2018

Create A Grocery Budget

Note: this post has been updated in February 2022.

You should create a grocery budget

Budgets, especially a grocery budget, are important for both families and individuals, for many reasons. Certain bills, like the grocery bill, can change from month to month. The cost of food fluctuates based on the weather and time of year. A terrific way to get a handle on your spending is to shop for groceries on a budget meaning that you should create a grocery budget.

In creating a grocery budget, we must keep thinking that in this budget we must make sure that we eat healthily as we develop the budget.

Dr. Pete Hinz just finished writing a detailed guide on How to Eat Healthy on a Budget. Dr. Hinz did considerable research and I think the article would be a benefit to all readers of this blog.

View the video below on cooking with a plant-based diet

The Pandemic has changes many of our shopping habits.

The pandemic has impacted Americans in many ways, including how we get our groceries. i came across an excellent article that discusses the new so called normal.  Their experts created a guide to help people adjust their shopping habits to stay safe and save money during COVID-19. Their guide Grocery shopping and COVID-19 What’s changed and how to save money covers the items below.

  • Contactless ways to buy groceries
  • How to save on grocery purchases
  • Staying safe while shopping

Fundamentals of Budgeting

Before you begin any budget, you need to know how much money you are dealing with. Remember, your grocery bill is only one item in the entire budget. To decide how much money, you can devote to grocery shopping, take an inventory of all your expenses.

When you look at your bills each month, count your fixed expenses first. These should include your mortgage or rent, car payment, daycare fees, insurance, and utility bills. What should be left are your flexible expenses, like groceries.

Getting Down to Budgeting Brass Tacks

What does your family eat? Creating a grocery budget starts with knowing what foods your family eats the most. Once you know what your family prefers, you can cut out less popular foods, to save money. To be sure of the prices of certain items you may have to do a little research at the grocery store before your budget is completed.

Consider cheap alternatives to some of your food choices. For instance, if your family likes breaded chicken tenders, buy a bag of frozen chicken tenderloins and bread them yourself to save money. Any time you purchase packaged and prepared foods, you will be paying more than if you do the work yourself.

Eliminate Snacks

Eliminate as many snacks as possible from the food budget. Snacks are usually expensive and can quickly upset even the best-planned food budget. If you truly need to purchase snacks, choose a few that are nutritious or that could substitute for a meal. Look for snacks that can be prepared at home; things like popcorn are perfect.

When planning your budget, remember the foods you purchase most often. Certain foods, like milk and bread, tend to be used quickly and must be purchased several times throughout the month. Be sure to account for such items in your budget.

Keep on Budget

Keep your budget. Once you decide on a number, strive to stick as close as possible. While budgets often need to be tweaked, give yours an honest try before determining if it needs to be expanded. Find out where you spend the most money and see what can be trimmed. Pay attention to costs if you go over budget, so you can see what types of food you spend the most on. The United States Department of Agriculture has developed a series of educational material and this one is very timely, called 10 tips Nutrition Education Series.

Budgeting sources of information

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