How to Eat Healthier Every Day

Eat Healthier


Article updated June 2023.

Eat Healthier Overview

Eating healthier doesn't have to mean giving up the flavors you enjoy! With this guide, you'll discover how to make nutritious food choices that don't sacrifice taste. From learning about wholesome ingredients to cooking tips and recipes, take the guesswork out of eating better and make nutrient-rich meals everyone loves.

Focus on the Quality of Your Food Sources.

Quality is critical when making healthy eating choices—ditch processed foods in favor of unrefined, minimally-processed ingredients for maximum nutrients. Shop locally at farmer's markets for farm-fresh vegetables and grass-fed meats whenever possible, and opt for fish caught using sustainable fishing methods rather than farm-raised. Organic food is also a healthy option; research shows it may contain more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You can enjoy delicious meals by choosing whole, unrefined foods when possible while getting the nutrients your body needs!

Choose More Whole Grains, Vegetables, Fruits and Healthy Proteins.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated or tedious. You can still enjoy the same delicious meals you love while making smarter food choices! Try replacing unhealthy processed foods with more nutrient-rich whole grains, vegetables, and fruits, as well as lean proteins such as fish, skinless poultry, and beans. Doing so increases your intake of vital nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants that help support overall health.

Try Plant-based Options When Possible.

Eating more plant-based foods is an effective way to eat healthier without compromising taste. Plant-based proteins such as beans and lentils provide a great source of protein and fiber while also being low in fat and calories. Plus, plant-based foods can be prepared in so many delicious ways! Try adding some lentils to your favorite soup recipes, or use beans as the basis for tacos or burritos. With creativity, you’ll never be bored with plant-based meals again.

Limit Highly Processed Foods and Added Sugars and Fats.

It’s no secret that processed foods often contain unhealthy ingredients like added sugars, refined carbohydrates, hydrogenated oils, and artificial flavors and colors. As delicious as they may be, these foods are associated with an increased risk for obesity and other health issues. So instead of turning to packaged snacks when you’re hungry or looking for a quick meal option, opt for wholesome, unprocessed alternatives. Reach for a piece of fruit or prepare some healthy snacks ahead of time, like chopped veggies and hummus. You can enjoy the taste without all the unhealthy additives! If you do these things, you will find that you do eat healthier.

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