Foods that can save your life


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The big picture

We all get busy from time to time, and it can be all too easy to reach for that convenient lunch that's fried or drive-through friendly - with no real nutrition. But before you chow down do you ever think about the big-picture consequences of today's lunch? Making healthy choices one meal at a time can add up to some serious benefits! Good nutrition could save your life. See What is Good Nutrition.

Foods that can save your life

It’s easy to neglect your health during this time of your life, but nutrition is everything, and it’s important to keep your body at its peak state of health to perform at your best and live your life to the fullest.

Focus on these reasons why nutrition really does matter:

Boosts immunity

That runny nose you have on your first job interview isn’t ideal.

Nutrition can make or break you when it comes to immunity. Good nutrition and a sound diet can offer much-needed protection from illnesses and other health problems.

Components of your diet that you should emphasize for peak immunity include protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, zinc, prebiotics and probiotics.

Increased concentration

You know when you start to fall asleep during date night? A good diet and certain foods can help improve brain health and concentration.

For example, fish is rich in omega-3 fats, which is linked to brain health.

Foods including blueberries, avocados, nuts, seeds, and dark chocolate have been linked to improved brain health as well.

Improves workout performance

When you have limited time for a workout, a poor diet shouldn’t be what holds you back.

A good diet with sufficient calories, carbohydrates, fluids, iron, vitamins, minerals and protein can provide the energy to fuel you through a race or daily workout.

Combats tiredness and fatigue

We all know we are supposed to eat breakfast, but a well-balanced diet throughout the day is just as important for sustaining your energy.

Carbs may have a bad reputation, but make sure you don’t neglect them; carbohydrates are your body’s ideal source of energy.

Focus on fiber-rich carbohydrates and portion control. Proper intake of carbohydrates throughout the day can combat tiredness and keep you alert. - via Elite Daily

Nutrition for long life

Many diseases that are life-threatening can develop or worsen later in life due to your diet over the years. Help prevent dangerous conditions like heart disease with a healthy diet designed for a long life!

Foods that can save your life

Foods for a healthy heart

Most of us know how to go easily on saturated fat, the kind found in meat and high-fat dairy products. Saturated fats have been shown to raise blood cholesterol levels into the danger zone. Just as important is what you should be eating. For health and longevity, you should eat:

Plenty of fruits and vegetables: Packed with fiber and nutrients, fruits and vegetables are also relatively low in calories. Studies consistently show that diets plentiful in fruits and vegetables help people maintain a healthy weight and protect against cardiovascular disease.

Whole grains: Like fruits and vegetables, whole grains pack a lot of nutrition into a low-calorie package. Grains like oats and barley are also rich in a lengthy list of disease-fighting compounds.

In 2009, researchers at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in Houston reported that study participants whose diets included plenty of whole grains and fruit cut their heart disease risk by almost half compared to those whose diets favored meat and fatty foods. Findings from more than 161,000 nurses enrolled in the Nurses’ Health Study also show that whole grains protect against type 2 diabetes, a disease that increases the danger of heart disease.

Nuts: For too long, nuts were banished from the list of healthy foods because they’re high in fat. They are. But the fats they contain are mostly unsaturated, which protects against heart disease.

Dark chocolate: Researchers now think that high blood pressure and heart disease are exceedingly rare among residents of the San Blas islands because they eat chocolate and lots of it. Components in dark chocolate called polyphenols are believed to lower blood pressure and improve the flexibility of blood vessels. In a 2008 study, researchers at the University of Aquila gave volunteers with hypertension one hundred grams of dark chocolate daily. After 15 days, their blood pressure readings were significantly lower, and their insulin sensitivity had improved. - via WebMD

Solution - Eat foods that can save your life

Science confirms that a diet rich in whole, plant-based foods can help you live to the fullest. In fact, a growing number of physicians advocate a completely plant-based diet for many of their patients who suffer from diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Three great resources:    

Plant-Based Nutrition, 2E (Idiot’s Guides) and,

Nutrition Facts: The Truth About Food.

The Forks Over Knives Plan

The Forks over Knives plan shows you how to put this lifesaving, delicious diet into practice in your own life. This easy-to-follow, meal-by-meal makeover is the approach Doctors Alona Pulde and Matthew Lederman (featured in the documentary) use every day in their nutritional health practice—a simple plan that focuses on hearty comfort foods and does not involve portion control or worrying about obtaining single nutrients like protein and calcium.

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