Plant Based Videos

Eating a plant-based diet isn’t just a new fad. It is a proven way to become healthier, while  also  helping  improve  the  environment. This page covers the plant-based videos of interest included on this site which will help you revolutionize your health. You can access these plant based videos by following the links or clicking on the related image.

 What is the Plant based diet?

Plant-based means anything that grows in the soil and does not come from any animal such as meat, eggs, milk, or honey. People following a vegan diet will not buy or use products that come from animals including cosmetics, lotions (lanolin), and clothing (leather).

Plant Based Diets VS. Vegan Diet

Plant Based diets and lifestyle is a highly recommended action plan to help free yourself of disease and medications that are over prescribed and may do more harm than good. Food is my medicine , not pills and other medications.

Plant Based Health Benefits 

There’s a common misconception that a plant-based diet is not as good as a balanced diet which usually involves eating a combination of meat and vegetables. The truth is that a plant-based diet is often more beneficial and has greater nutritional value than one which includes meat.

Secrets to Raising Your Kids on a Plant Based Diet

Any parent who must fight the daily battle at the dinner table just to get their child to eat his or her veggies will know what an uphill struggle it is. You’ll need to be vigilant and have all your wits about you so that you don’t find any peas hidden under their plates or a broccoli floret furtively flung under the table.

Will going on a Plant Based Diet Make You Weak

People often assume that carnivorous animals such as lions, tigers and the other big cats are strong because they eat meat. These animals are just highly aggressive. the correlation between meat and strength is tenuous at best even when one looks at the animal kingdom.

How to Stay Motivated on a Plant Based Diet

Going from the standard American diet to a plant-based diet sounds easy and exciting in theory… until you try it out and discover how difficult it really is. While you’ll gain immense health benefits from a plant-based diet and your spirit may be willing – the flesh may be weak.

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