August 24, 2018

Note: this post has been updated in September January 2023.

While some vegan foods can be healthy and provide essential vitamins and minerals, others may not be as nutritious as they seem. Consult your health professionals or other experts to determine which vegan ingredients have been processed, contain unhealthy fats, or are high in sugar to determine which vegan options are healthiest for you.

Are vegan foods better for your health than regular food?

Be careful with your answer, as you may be surprised! More and more individuals are reading the literature and heeding the warning about how terrible the American diet truly is. They want to make a lifestyle change by eating good healthy foods and taking note of the large availability of vegan food.

Vegan junk food

Not all vegetarian or vegan foods are healthy or created equally. In fact, many vegan foods are filled with processed fillers, preservatives, and “bad” fats that can ruin the whole concept of going vegan for your health.

vegan foods

If you are vegan, the rule of thumb is to stay away from processed food as if you were not vegan and want to eat healthily. The real key here is to stay away from processed foods! - via 3 Vegan Food Mistakes (Is Vegan Healthy?)

Healthy Vegan Processed Foods?

Big store brands have done an excellent job changing the public’s image of soy and other vegan foods. Store brands do a fantastic job of advertising their mock meats as good low-fat protein sources. They discuss the benefits of soy protein and recommend them for medical conditions ranging from diabetes to menopause.

Most of us are smart enough to realize vegan mock meats and other processed foods aren’t healthy. Like other processed foods, they contain excessive amounts of sodium, low nutrients, and fiber. However, few realize just how unhealthy – and downright harmful – these vegan processed foods can be.

The term “healthy” should never be applied to processed foods. Even when these foods are made without harmful chemicals or additives, they aren’t going to compare to fresh foods like local veggies and whole grains.

But we don’t always have the time to cook fresh foods every day, so those vegan processed foods can be very tempting. If you do have to eat processed foods, then at least follow these guidelines:

Don’t make processed foods the central part of the meal. Serve them with tons of veggies and whole grains. Opt for the lesser evil. choose foods that are free of GMOs and hexane.

Check out the link below for information on the Necessary Nutrients for Vegans and Vegetarians. Necessary Nutrients for Vegans and Vegetarians

Another option to start your health journey

Join the Physicians Committee's 21-Day Vegan Kickstart to receive nutrition experts' meal plans, recipes, and advice. This service is free and will help you take control of your health with a vegan diet. Our low-fat plant-based recipes, developed by chefs, dietitians, and experts in vegan cuisine, provide nutritious meals that are both healthy and delicious. Within 21 days, you will start to see results and won't look back! via - 21-Day Vegan Kickstart

Suppose you want to eat delicious food, The Forks Over Knives Plan, which you can place into practice in your own life. The easy-to-follow, meal-by-meal makeover is the approach Doctors Alona Pulde and Matthew Lederman use daily in their nutritional health practice. It is a simple plan that focuses on hearty comfort foods and does not involve portion control or worrying about obtaining single nutrients like protein and calcium.

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