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Hello, Dr. Robert Paugh here, Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition and as a Vegan Health Coach. I am s health advocate who can help guide you to in how to revolutionize your diet.  The result being able to eat more healthy and live a healthy lifestyle.

Welcome to my plant-based food blog – a free resource to help individuals transition to a whole foods plant-based lifestyle and develop healthier as well as sustainable habits.

Robert Paugh
Just to make sure you’ve found your home, let me ask you the following three questions.
  1. Are you having trouble aligning your why, goals, and vision with words and images that tell a clear story about your health?
  2. Need advice when it comes to creating a plan for your new lifestyle?
  3. Are you continually on the lookout for tools, tips, and the occasional kick in the shins to keep moving toward your new goal?

Well, if so, you can call this site home. I want to be your health advocate. I know as I have been there!

My Story

Before diving into the details of this blog, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I’m Robert Paugh, a retired university professor at the University of Central Florida in Orlando Florida. My college work  was completed at The Ohio State University  in 67 and 69. In addition, I Completed my doctorate program at North Caroline State University graduating in 1974.

I  taught at University of Central Florida for 35 years until officially retiring in 2006. In my later years at the university, diet and exercise became very important parts of my life. After retirement, I continued to study as much as I could about the plant-strong, vegan lifestyle. Below are my certificates of completion verifying my creditably in Plant-Based nutrition.

Why a Plant-Based Vegan Lifestyle

I became interested in health while working as an associate professor at The University of Central Florida. I watched my co-workers, staff and even students struggling to stay healthy in the university environment.

I was overweight, and I had poor nutritional habits, and rarely got any exercise. I was suffering from an array of health problems – problems that could be solved by taking better care of myself.

In 2010, I decided to make some changes in my life and started reading as much as I could about a healthy life. I attained my Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from eCornell and T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies in July 2016. The certificate addressed many of the questions I had about health and nutrition.

I learned the key to living a healthy life without medication involves eating better and getting exercise regularly. This is when I found the vegan lifestyle. I realized it was something that could help me to live better and healthier, which is what I wanted for myself.

On the path to living a healthier lifestyle, I started eating better and made exercise a part of my routine. Running became my passion. I even participated in multiple 5K and 10K races, including six marathons.

Since then, I’ve decided to continue my healthy lifestyle, and I’m convinced that turning to the plant-based lifestyle has helped me live longer.

Why I Started This Blog

We are so busy living our lives that we fail to take notice of the most important things in life – like family and friends. We go on living our everyday lives until we are forced to make a change. Someday, you will get a wake up call, like I did, which may require you to make a lifestyle change. But why wait until then? Start now while you can and let me be your health advocate!

I have been following the plant-based vegan lifestyle for the past many years. Now, I want to share my knowledge and experiences with others who may be looking for the answers like I was a while ago.

In this blog, I write about what I’ve learned about the plant-based lifestyle. I want to provide you with the information needed to stay healthy and away from doctors. The information is current and accurate, with the intent to provide issue-solving content, so you make the right choices for you and your health.  My goal is to inspire you to add more plant-based foods in your diet without feeling miserable or deprived.

Real-life examples are provided to ensure you truly understand what a plant-based lifestyle is like. Another one of my intents is to get YOU to understand that you – and you alone – are responsible for your health, and changing how you eat, drink and live is essential to a healthy life. Even seemingly insignificant lifestyle changes can make a world of difference to how you feel.

You are What You Eat

Nutrition is the building block of life and plays an essential role in understanding plant-based diets. You need to get the right amount of nutrients from the right foods and in the right combinations to live a healthy lifestyle.

Today, we have higher rates of obesity, cancer, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, and chronic illness than any other population that’s ever lived on this planet. (It really is that bad.)  But instead of being trained in how to keep us healthy, our doctors are ONLY taught how to treat symptoms with drugs and surgery. The truth is, less than a third of the medical schools in the United States require a SINGLE course in nutrition.

Meanwhile, our diets are getting worse and worse, and more people are getting sick and dying—needlessly! Most of the people who think they’re eating all the “right foods” are dangerously misled by pseudo-scientific fads and industry-fueled propaganda.

But the truth is, you can beat disease and step into great health, starting with the food on your plate!  It’s time to eat like your health depends on it, because it does!

I hope I provide some food for thought and inspire you to be my health advocate and join me down the plant-based lifestyle road.

Love, Peace, and Plants,


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