March 3, 2017

Health Crisis in Anerica

Note: this post has been updated in February 2022.

According to the World Health Organization, we are in a Food health crisis in America

We are digging our own graves with the food choices we make.

The challenge is to change the mindset of individuals in a society that wants instant gratification, which includes processed foods and fast-food establishments. The modern world has gotten increasingly addicted to processed food. That is a fact. The tragic complementary fact is that processed foods are harmful to our health. The American Diet is killing us. All of these processed foods and GMOs are why people are getting fatter and sicker. We are in a food health crisis in America.

Big Food Industries created the vintage 1911 canned food, and many stores are now eliminating the produce section. He added that Big Food adds antifreeze and plasticizers and everything else including chemicals and lots of them. In the 1960s, there was no label law, just “honesty” on labels. It wasn’t until the 1990s that ingredients were placed on packages.

Reading Food Labels is a must

Health Crisis

Would you had guessed the label above is for a loaf of bread?

Processed Foods and GMO's are the Problem

Most things we eat today do not satisfy the definition of food-any nutritious substance that people eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth

  1. Processed foods are heavy in calories and extremely light in nutrient value
  2. We are not starving ourselves to death; we are eating ourselves to death
  3. Organic, GMO and Gluten-free are all important issues, but not core to the world's health crisis

A processed food has been changed from its natural form. This is not basic mechanical processing, like apples being cut from trees, ground beef being ground in a machine or butter being separated from the milk and churned. We’re referring to chemical processing. If it’s a single ingredient food with no added chemicals, then it doesn’t matter if it’s been ground or put into a jar. It’s still real food. However, foods that have been chemically processed and made solely from refined ingredients and artificial substances are generally known as “processed foods.”

Some of the many additives included in processed foods have proven to compromise the body’s health and functioning and are suggested to be related to the development of skin, pulmonary and psycho-behavioral conditions. Also, processed foods are usually high in sugar, and when consumed in excess, they are extremely harmful. Sugar consumption is strongly associated with some of the world’s leading killers, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer.

The addiction to processed food derives from its usually good taste and high accessibility. Given the limited time people can dedicate to healthy cooking of fresh food, the major food companies have a very easy job in convincing us to over consume processed food.

Processed foods are bad for our health because they contain many artificial ingredients. If you look at the ingredients listed on the label of any processed packaged food, chances are you won’t have a clue what some of the ingredients (artificial chemicals) are. In addition, processed foods are also high in refined carbohydrates. These are not the good carbohydrates made from whole foods.

Sad Results of Poor Food Choices

Health crisis

The bottom line is sad and simple: most processed foods are extremely low in essential nutrients and cause severe long-term damage to our health. The challenge is to offer people living in the modern world food products that include ALL the nutrients the body needs for both immediate functioning and long-term health.

Food is supposed to nourish the body, not kill it. This is a transformation of humanity. People are literally dying for nutrition. This is not a one-time thing. We need real food daily and we are not getting real food – we are getting JUNK! With the JUNK that we are eating we are in a food health crisis in America.

Start Your Journey to Health

The China Study: Revised and Expanded Edition: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, and Long-Term Health

Additional resources that may shed some light on the crisis

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