February 25, 2016

Note: this post has been updated on January 2023. 

It is essential to be aware of the top toxins around you to protect your health. From environmental pollution to certain additives in food, learn about the most common toxins and how they could affect you.

What are toxins?

Just the word alone sounds frightening and instantly causes us concern. According to the dictionary definition, toxin is a poisonous substance that is the result of metabolic activities. Simply put, toxin is something harmful to our bodies. The definition of toxin tends to be vague because of the distinct types of toxins. Toxins are classified as either an internal toxin or an external toxin. See banned foods to be avoided.

Most people assume they and the environment around them are healthy. The sad reality is that we are living in a toxic world. Events that have occurred over the last 50 years have dramatically increased the environmental pollutants in our air, water, and soil.

Every human being is now toxic to a certain extent and as the bucket theory supports, our toxicity load increases every day. Eventually the bucket will overflow and the number of symptoms and obstacles our body struggles to manage will result in disease − oftentimes cancer.

Partly to blame is the explosion of the manufacturing industry. There is an increase in metals and hazardous chemicals like there has never been before. The United States reported in 1998 that industries were manufacturing 9,000 various chemicals in the amount of 6.5 trillion pounds. Disregarding smaller companies, major American facilities alone reported dumping 7.1 billion pounds of waste. This waste, which ended up in our air, water, and soil consisted of 650 unique industrial pollutants.

Here are ten of the most potent and hazardous chemicals in the environment you need to: 1) be aware of, and 2) avoid as much as possible through your lifestyle choices and purchasing decisions. – via 10 Cancer Causing Toxins You Need to Avoid

Top Toxins

Get the toxins out of your life

Science confirms that a diet rich in whole, plant-based foods can help you live to the fullest and still get adequate protein. In fact, a growing number of physicians advocate a completely plant-based diet for many of their patients who suffer from diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Check out these great sources:

Plant-Based Nutrition, 2E (Idiot’s Guides),

Nutrition Facts: The Truth About Food

The Forks Over Knives Plan

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